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Qing-Style Gongdao Cup


A special fair cup, modeled on the hexagonal shape of the Ming dynasty, and hand-painted with chrysanthemum/orchid patterns and other patterns, there will always be one you like. If not, we can also customize, draw your favorite patterns or write text according to your requirements.

This fair cup is made by pottery artist Hong Jianpeng with high-grade Dehua kaolin clays and has the transparency of Blanc De Chine porcelain. This kind of porcelain soil has burned three times after a high temperature of more than 1380 degrees. Because this clay has a shrinkage rate of 25%, but it has a very high density, it requires superb manufacturing technology.

There is no glaze on the outside of this fair cup, so after a period of use, you can find that its appearance will be as clear as jade. There is a transparent glaze inside to make the interior smoother, which of course means it’s easier to clean.

This fair cup has a capacity of about 150ml, so you can easily share your tea with 3-5 people.

Noted: This is A fully handmade artwork, each one is unique.


p class="p1">Size:
H 8cm
D 8cm
V 150ml

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Didn’t find your favorite pattern, no worries, you can customize your favorite pictures and texts. Please fill the form below, we will trying our best on your customization.

Any future questions please do not hesitate to let me know the first time.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 12 cm

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