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Xu Huawen, my brother, classmate, oil painter, designer. We have known each other for nearly 30 years, and we feel that he has not changed much. He is devoted to artistic creation and enjoys life.

I remember that when he was still a teenager, he happened to see some artists draw some realistic drawn with pen and ink, which surprised him a lot. Because he was a little bit unconvinced, he decided to challenge. Then there are the following sketches made in a ballpoint pen.

What do you think of his painting?

Oil Painting Ceramic Artist Xu Huawen Ceramitique
Sketch Artwork of Xu Huawen Dehua Ceramic Artist Ceramitique

In his twenties, as a designer, he participated in the design and creation of many porcelain products, which appeared in many people’s homes on some important festivals. Have you ever remembered a year when Christmas decorations impressed you?

When he was in his thirties, he created this, combining porcelain and lacquer to make tea ware. And of course these.

Lacquer Artwork Dehua Porcelain Teacup Ceramitique
Lacquer Artwork Dehua Porcelain Teacup Ceramitique

Check Xu's Artwork Here

Modern Design Shi Shi Ru Yi Teacup|Ceramitique
Blanc De Chine Tea Stuff Flower Figure Saucer | Ceramitique
Blanc De Chine Elegant Gongfu Teacup|Ceramitique

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