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Hong Jianpeng, an artist friend of mine. It may be his first impression of others when he is young. Indeed, he has many respectable places.

At the age of 16, he went far away from his hometown to Anhui, a famous Anhui wood carving apprentice, to learn wood carving skills, and later went to Yixing to learn to carve purple sand pots. When he felt that everything was coming, he resolutely came to Dehua and concentrated on creating carved tea sets.

He has vividly displayed traditional Chinese stories on various tea sets for more than a decade. His teaware, thanks to the restoration of the mountains of the Ming Dynasty, can make his work fun without any glaze. The quality similar to jade makes his teaware more lubricated and smooth as jade in the process of use.

Hand Sculpture Blanc De Chine Porcelain Teawares Artwork of Hong Jianpeng Ceramitique

Hong often focuses on the creation and ignores socialization, or he disdains to flattering. In his world, there are only works and ideas. There is a story about him driving customers out of his studio, which is why he is young.

Of course, he has enough reason to be young because he is very artistic.

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