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Happy Father Day BOGO teawares of Ceramitique

            "The presence of a father is a unique existence."           
    When I was in school, I read Zhu Ziqing's [Backdrop], and we labeled my father as "father love is like a mountain" and "silent majestic" are words with a slight sense of distance.

Today, in this era of universal praise for maternal love, the role of fathers seems to be unconsciously ignored in many families.


“Mom, I’m hungry”; “Mom, I don’t have any money”; “Dad, where’s my mother? ” This used to be regarded as a paragraph, but it is a real picture in many families.

When we were young, dads set up superman who could do everything. He always appeared when we needed them most, shielding us from the wind and rain. Just as we grow up and become independent, more and more old and middle – aged dads are not good at emotional expression, and it’s inevitable that they will not be so needed.

The mountain is self-respecting and the sea is self-evident. This profound and obscure love makes us understand, but my father’s weather-ridden hands are still trying to support the sky above us. This love may be in different forms but has never been absent at all.

My Father’s love is Silent

First time parents, can’t wait to give all the good things in the world and love to My baby

Happy Father Day BOGO teawares of Ceramitique
You may be seen a picture of such a hot network.

A father caught a heavy rain when he picked up the child home after work. The father was worried that the child would catch a cold, so he gave the umbrella to the child. The child walked slowly with snacks in his hand, but he didn’t know that the next father was already wet.

There is a kind of love in the world hidden under lies, which is called dad’s love.

Father’s love is like an umbrella. They may not be good at expressing, but they will always give to you without asking for it.

Dad will get up at 6 a.m. to warm milk for us, and we still have a wonderful dream in the quilt; dad will wait for us at the intersection when we go home late; dad will teach by example, guide us to our path in life, give encouragement, and be the most powerful backing behind us when we fail.

Although we have grown up, nothing is missing. But in the eyes of our parents, we are still the child who is not young and doesn’t know how to take care of ourselves.

Those loves, hidden in various details, although speechless, can be clearly seen as long as you turn around.

The Love of a Soft Dad

My Father is hiding a fragile heart under a strong Appearance.

Happy Father Day BOGO teawares of Ceramitique

            "My dad is an all-around talent. I'm in charge of being a demon at home, and he's in charge of cleaning up my messes behind me. Every time I break something, he can fix it. But there is a prerequisite, However, Taht he will fix me before he fixes anything."           
                                        <cite>Flying Fishlo</cite>
    He often tells himself that he wants to look like a father, but that young heart is always inadvertently exposed. For the boys, dads and their relationships are more like playmates.

They went to the teahouse with their dad to listen to comedy and watch dramas; they played with their father to joke who was worse. Although the father is not the egotistical and cool “cocky” teenager, he can still be his son’s most loyal friend.

Although the love of a father is not as unconditional as that of a mother, it is much heavier.

Dad’s love, occasionally hidden in harsh eyes. But their severity is more about child’s naughty helplessness and iron hatred. When you go through the long years, you will surely understand their good intentions.

Proud dads, their love, though subtle, is never absent.

Father is hiding a fragile heart under a strong exterior

Happy Father Day BOGO teawares of Ceramitique
They may throw cold water on you and tell you not to drift away when you take credit for your exam progress or get a raise and promotion. In reality, they can’t hide their joy and secretly call their brothers behind their backs to brag about how good their children are.

They are verbally refusing to Father’s Day, the holiday. But when you take Handmade Kungfu Tea-set to him and tell him it’s his Father’s Day gift, you can surely roll over from your mother’s mouth and hear his full of love for you: “My baby girl is so good!” .

“For a girl, if she has a father who loves her very, very much, that girl will definitely live in the world.” A father’s rationality and authority will give a child a great sense of security. And this kind of security will protect the daughter for the rest of her life.

Happy Father Day BOGO teawares of Ceramitique

Fathers give their children strength, warmth, tolerance, and confidence from a male perspective. Although different dads have different ways of expressing their love, they have the same love. All the love a dad has for his child is put into action.

When was the last time you said to your father, “I love you”? Do you remember what hobbies he had? Do you remember what it was like to be a father for the first time?

As Father’s Day approaches, why not go home and have a cup of tea with your father? Or just a cup of coffee in the morning? Of course why not sit down with your wife and relive the moments when you first became a father and mother? There are two sides to everything, and so are Ceramitique’s lifestyle products, which give you a little extra warmth on this special occasion, and from today you can get a free gift with any purchase, for your father and for you.

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