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Loofahs Tea Pad


Why is there a tea pad?

The most important point is to prevent the bottom of the pot from wearing and even bumping. It affects the atmosphere of the tea table. Secondly, Effectively prevent the accumulation of tea stains at the bottom of the teapot. Third, The use of pot pads can not only play a good protective role but also play an unusually beautiful role. Why don’t you do it?

How to choose a tea pad?

It is recommended to choose thin slices with good density and strongness. It is not suitable to choose thick slices. After soaking in water, it will rise and increase, which is not conducive to the proper placement of purple sand pots, affects the perception, and is not practical.

I personally like to buy 7cm sizes for the daily use of Loofahs pad, because the function of the tea pat is to separate the bottom of the teapot bottle from that of the pot so that the arrangement is safe and avoids hard wear. To some extent, it can also play the role of smoothy teapots, so the 7cm tea pad suitable for 100ml-250ml.

The tea pad can be reused! After the daily taste of tea, wash it clean and cool naturally, and you can continue to use it, which is very simple and practical. When you use loose density, edge shortage, etc., you need to replace it, so you can usually use 10 pieces for a long time.


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