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Smokeless Charcoal


The production of Zhu Quan carbon using the latest concept and technology, effectively control the combustion process of odor elements particles and other harmful substances released, to achieve smokeless, odorless, no explosion Mars and high calorific value, combustion, and other excellent performance sets are suitable for the modern living space environment of the ideal tea charcoal.

The characteristics of the complete combustion of Zhu Quan carbon’s excellent carbon greatly reduce the production of carbon monoxide during combustion, which helps us realize the ideal of indoor tea cooking.

These easy lite coal accessories & Parts are instant lightings when using a torch lighter.

This Zhu Quan charcoal comes in a box of 12 cedar and 38 pine cakes. They can support bolling about 10 liters of water.

Like a Stove? This is the most popular Brazier for Tea lovers.

Weight 500g
L 26cm * W 21cm * H 7cm

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 8 cm


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