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Tea Clips


In Chinese tea culture, tea ceremony six gentlemen refer to teaspoons, tea needles, tea needles, tea leaks, tea clips, tea rules, and tea barrels, which are called tea ceremony six gentlemen by tea interests. Tea ceremony is a skill and method for the Han people to make and drink tea.

What’s the tea clip?

The tea clip, also known as tea chopsticks, uses the same function as a teaspoon, which can carry the tea residue out of the pot. You can also wash the cup with tea clips, which is not hot and hygienic. Tea clips are mainly used to scald cup ware and clip tea residues from the teapot.

How to use the clips?

The tea clip is regarded as an extension of the hand. Take the central position of the tea clip with your hand and clip the teacup and wipe the water mark on the tea towel.


  • Don’t take the upper part of the tea clip when taking it;
  • Please clamp the teacups when picking up them;
  • Wipe the water when collecting the tea clips.

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