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Golden Elephant Gaiwan


This is a special set of gaiwan sets, which is outside is orange-red glaze, especially a golden elephant sculpture on the top of the lid of gaiwan.  And the bottom of each teaware is decorated with golden auspicious patterns.

The capacity of the gaiwan is slightly larger, with 180ml. This also means that it is suitable for any type of tea, and of course, it also means that you can have more tea to share with family and friends.

Cover the inside of the gaiwan with a white glaze, and fully glaze makes it smooth and easier to clean.

With three teacups, which vary in size and capacity, you can divide them into three different people and it is not easy to confuse. Large capacity gaiwan and fair cup, make it easy for you to share fully.

This tea set is for any primary tea lover or friend who needs to travel with a tea set.

D 9.2cm
H 7cm
V 180ml

Fair Cup
D 9cm
H 7.8cm
V 250ml

D 4.7cm/6.2cm/6.8cm
H 4.6cm/4.5cm/4.9cm
V 30ml/50ml/50ml

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm

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