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Outdoor Gaiwan Teaset


This is definitely a set of tea sets suitable for anywhere. A complete configuration allows you to enjoy Kung Fu tea anywhere. This set of tea sets not only has a gaiwan, teacup, teapot, boiling kettle, but also an alcoholic stove that can easily boil tea in the place where you want to drink tea.

In these tea sets, all porcelain is carefully made with advanced Dehua Blanc De Chine white porcelain and coated with transparent glaze to show the unique high-level sense of Blanc de Chine. The shape of the tea set is also beautiful. The boiling pot is made of high-temperature glass, so that you can use it safely. Whether it’s boiling water or making tea, it’s suitable.

At the same time, it is equipped with pot mats, tea mats and tea suitable for Kung Fu tea, so that you can enjoy Kung Fu tea gracefully.

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