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San Cai Gaiwan


This is a vintage style Blanc De Chine porcelain gaiwan, it’s produced in Dehua with high-level Kaolin clays. You will sigh at the charm of this white porcelain popular in the Ming Dynasty, relatively thin porcelain, and you can feel its penetration. You can even sense the text on the back through porcelain.

You may think that this thin porcelain gaiwan will be hot when making tea. It’s not true. the reason for the shape makes it easier to control and pour out the tea. The transparent glaze covered by the whole body makes white porcelain more crystal clear, and the more direct consequence is easy to clean.

This is a small set because it contains a lid, a bowl, and a bowl saucer. It’s like the Kung Fu tea of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and each person covered a bowl to enjoy tea. Of course, if you prefer to share, you can add a few teacups and enjoy delicious tea with your family and friends.

D 9.5cm
H 7cm
V 120ml

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 cm