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Vintage Style Gaiwan


The more simple things are more difficult to do, it is really difficult to make a simple instrument look beautiful. This gaiwan is one of them, and the lines of the exterior are full of tension, and the Blanc De Chine porcelain brought by the high-grade kaolin clays and the light pink glaze undoubtedly add a lot of charm to it. Yes, it’s one of my favorite gaiwan.

The gaiwan makes people feel the simple modeling design of Chinese Song Dynasty porcelain, while the pink glaze color makes the people have the reverie of the Tang Dynasty. Its thin porcelain design and moderate capacity are destined to be the best gaiwan for green tea, Yancha, Lapsang souchong, etc.  Read Here to learn Why and how to choose tureen?

There’re 2 options for selection,

  • Light Pink Glaze
  • Transparent Glaze


V 110ml

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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