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Cup With Dragon


It’s a cup made of high-grade Dehua Kaolin Clays, covered with transparent glaze, and burned at a temperature of up to 1380 degrees. The quality of the porcelain clay determines that the cup is more oily and transparent, and even a warm yellow cup color in the light.

The surface of the cup is designed with dragons, swallows, branches, and leaves. The picture is exquisite, especially with gold lines, making the whole picture more gorgeous. The appearance of dragons is more than cute. Our special process gives the whole picture a three-dimensional sense, and you can feel the lines and colors through touch. The other side has a pattern of branches and leaves, which is equally delicate.

There is an abstract dragon pattern on the lid, which is applied to a golden glaze in the body. The gold on the cup handle also makes people feel comfortable.

It’s a multi-purpose cup that you can use to make tea, drink coffee, or just drink water. It makes you different.

D 14.2cm
H 12.8cm
V 450ml

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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