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Lovely Mini Gaiwan


Whether the gaiwan is good or not, you have to use it for a while to know. This gaiwan made by Liu Peng has been used on my tea table these days. Because it is durable and versatile, because it is Light, and also because it is not easy to scald.

Four years ago, Liu Peng, a young ceramic artist, came to Dehua, China, and began to learn to drink tea and make tea, but most gaiwans would be hot, so he wanted to make a gaiwan will not burn. Finally, this set of tea set was created. It takes Dehua’s white clays as the tire, the glaze is integrated. The surface of the thin tire objects forms a thick and light beige due to the natural flow of the glaze, which is warm, simple, and practical.

In order to make the gaiwan not hot, insist on thin tires with skimming and burning at high temperature, sometimes all the artworks in the kiln are scrapped. After more than four years of continuous debugging and repeated failures, before reaching near-satisfactory results.

In this gaiwan set, we perfect it uses for such as kinds of yancha, oolong tea.

Noted: Fully handbuilding tea-ware, each one is unique.

Gaiwan Size
H 4cm
D 9.5cm
Capacity: 80ml

Teacup Size
H 3.0cm
D Top 4.5cm / Bottom 3.0cm
Capacity: 15ml

Hu Cheng-Pot Supporter
H 2.5cm
D 11cm
V 60ml


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 12 cm

Gaiwan, Hu Cheng, Sets, Teacup