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Peacock In Teacup


Jade porcelain, is the code name of the most advanced porcelain in Dehua at present. A kind of porcelain that restores the Ming Dynasty does not need any glaze, but in the process of use, it can make porcelain without glaze shows a smooth texture, just like jade. Dehua has always been famous in the world for such high-level porcelain, Like Blanc De Chine more than 400 years ago, this is modern Blanc De Chine.

This teacup has a retro look, as you can see. Although the pattern on the teacup is also retro, it is not simple. The peacock pattern is elegant in color, and the special process makes the pattern feel three-dimensional. You can feel its raised lines. When it comes to lines, you have to mention the gold thread in the pattern. They do add a lot of color to the teacup.

Although it has no glaze, it is also easy to clean. Keep you free from worrying about the tea stains.

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