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Melon Teapot


If you like vintage teapots and Chinese styles, it’s a good one for you.

The pot restored the style of the Qing Dynasty, using Dehua’s kaolin clays, covered with transparent glaze, and burned at 1,350 degrees. The body of this teapot is transparent and the glaze is smooth and delicate. The surface of the teapot is treated with a melon-shaped shape and decorated with wavy lines, which look exquisite.

The application of transparent glaze makes cleaning convenient and easy. It only needs a simple cleaning to remove tea stains. The seven-holes in the inside are designed to make the effluent smooth and non-clogged.

This pot is made of high temperature and is suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers.

The capacity of about 120ml is suitable for any type of tea. Of course, I think it’s better to use 4-5 grams of tea. or tea with small leaves. If it’s Pu’er tea or so on.

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