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Pine Pile Teapot


Unlike ordinary teapots, this teapot is designed to imitate the pine stakes in nature. Pine symbol rigid, resolute and noble integrity, and bamboo, plum and called the Three Friends of Winter (Pinyin in Sui Han San You 岁寒三友), its gentleman character to countless men of letters and calligraphy for the dumping.

You usually see the pine pile teapot is made of zhisha clays, but this one is made of high-grade Dehua Kaolin clays, the Blanc de Chine, which is the white porcelain famous in Europe in the 18th century. This teapot cover with transparent glaze makes the charm of white porcelain is fully displayed.

This teapot has a capacity of about 150ml, which is suitable for more tea types. A little larger capacity also means that you can entertain more tea friends. The clever design makes the pouring tea smooth and powerful and doesn’t get hot.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 cm

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