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Qinghua Poetry Teapot


I’ve always felt obedient to the charm of Chinese calligraphy, especially calligraphy or cursive calligraphy. It makes me feel like watching dance and musical, in which I immerse myself in the emotion and passion conveyed by calligraphy. Sometimes I even cry with emotion.

It’s a pleasure to see this set of forgetful studio calligraphy works, which make me feel the passion for writing. Especially written on white porcelain with traditional blue and white flowers. A simple poem is handily written on the teapot, and you can even feel the calligrapher’s brush strokes and ink marks.

掬水月在手,弄花香满衣 in Chinese, and in English should be: The moon is in the hand, and the flowers are full of clothes.

I don’t know how to translate this sentence. Sometimes the meaning of Chinese is on the understanding.

D 4.3cm
H 7.7cm
V 125ml

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 cm