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Young Couple Teapot Set

Original price was: $486.00.Current price is: $389.00.

Produced by Wangyan Studio. Hand-painted teapot and sculptured teacup. It’s a tea set which every good tea for two, as it is 1 teapot and 2 teacups. And the vintage style is made your tea table unique. The teapot is with a blue and white painting banana tree, also with the Chinese character “莫负光阴”.

Teapot Size
H 7.8cm
D 3.7cm(rims)
V 100ml
Teacup Size(Green)
H 4cm
D 4.8cm
V 30ml
Teacup Size(Red)
H 3.5cm
D 6.4cm
V 50ml

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