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Calabash Gaiwan Set


Calabash, an object that often appears in Chinese culture. Why? Because the Chinese pronunciation of the gourd is close to that of “Fu Lu” (happiness and wealth, means Fortune). So the Chinese people took this wonderful will and left the pattern of calabash in some handed-down objects.

Maybe it’s also an heirloom on this gaiwan.

This is a hand-made gaiwan, with a green glaze on the gourd on the lid of the gaiwan, and the glaze of grass and wood ash is used on the gaiwan. The overall shape is simple and atmospheric. The gourd is lifelike. The glaze is smooth so that you don’t have to worry about tea stains.

If you like, you can also match the same series of gaiwan supporter and green glazed teacups for you to choose from.


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In stock

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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