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Fuyue Teapot Set


This Kungfu tea set is made of the Dehua Kaolin Clays, Its glaze is also particularly polished. There is a sense of high class everywhere.

What is more fascinating is its pattern decoration, which features waves around the teapot and several fish appearing on it. In particular, it also decorates with a large number of gold lines or dots, and you can truly feel all the raised gold lines.

This set is also equipped with a red horse to decorate your tea table. Although it is small, it’s quite exquisite and a good tea pet.

At the same time, we also have a lacquer-made tea tray painted with a Chinese landscape. There are also some golden lines on the tea tray to echo the tea set

A teapot and three teacups allow you to easily share delicious tea with family and friends.

The smooth glaze makes it easier for you to clean without leaving tea stains.

D 8cm
H 6.2cm
V 150ml

D 4.2cm
H 4.5cm
V 30ml

Tea Tray
W 13.8cm
L 22cm


In stock (can be backordered)

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